The 6-Week Book Accelerator Program™


You’re looking to write a book with impact—one with the power to inspire or change people’s lives. You want your book to matter.

But without an experienced publishing guide, most writers find themselves lost in a sea of confusion, helplessness, and misinformation. Worst of all, they can’t get meaningful expert feedback. They come up against a brick wall with no way to break through to the gatekeepers, and their productivity flatlines.

It’s time to learn the step-by-step process from an actual publishing insider to making your long-held dream of publishing a book come true.

From Zero to Done

The 6-Week Book Accelerator Program is a series of six 75-minute weekly virtual coaching classes, led by Lucinda Halpern (President New York literary agency, Lucinda Literary). Each class contains:

  • Guided lessons & teaching from a seasoned literary agent
  • Interactive Q&A where you’ll receive industry knowledge you can’t get elsewhere

Lucinda's program was designed for both fiction and nonfiction writers, at any stage of the publishing process. You do not need to have a single word written to complete this class. Those who have written a full manuscript will benefit as well!

In this exclusive experience, you’ll have the opportunity to receive direct coaching taught by Lucinda, to help with wherever you’re getting stuck. Plus, by participating with a group of aspiring authors along the way, you’ll get support and guidance from other writers in our community that will increase your learning exponentially.

Lucinda Literary

Here's What You'll Discover


Determine how to make your idea BIG enough to capture a wide readership.


Discover the best audience for your work


Learn how to reach that audience, and attract the attention of agents, publishers, and readers.


Get access to the right people to FINISH, market, or publish your book


Receive a literary agent’s input on which publishing path is right for you


Identify your next steps, without wasting any more time!

We will help you stay on track with weekly assignments & resources, plus two bonus office hour sessions, to complement what you’re learning during the classes. In just 6 sessions, you’ll gain the confidence, resources, network, and support needed to elevate your book idea and market yourself to readers, agents, or publishers.



Join 6 weekly coaching sessions with Lucinda and other writers 


Implement your learnings/feedback and get a literary agent’s assessment on your material after attending classes 


Uncover your publishing path and step forth onto new ground of publishing success

The 6-Week Book Accelerator™  Sessions

Summer 2024 Program Schedule - NEW Cohort Dates Now Available!

Wednesdays at 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific from July 17th to August 21st, 2024

JULY 17th

Class 1: Hone Your Big Idea

  • 3 Keys to Getting a Book Deal
  • Discovering & Honing in on Your Big Idea

JULY 24th

Class 2: Decide Your Differentiator

  • Determine Your Comparative Titles & Genre
  • The Positioning Equation

JULY 31st

Class 3: Pinpoint What Your Reader Craves

  • Uncover What Your Readers Want
  • Craft Your Reader Avatar


Class 4: Claim Your Authority

  • Lived Experience is Your Expertise
  • Lean What Your Bio Should Reflect


Class 5: Get Seen

  • Establish, Build, and Grow a Platform
  • Nail Your VCO (Voice, Content, Offering)
  • Building a Platform Online and Offline


Class 6: Your Publishing Path (and Next Steps!)

  • Your Publishing Options
  • Opportunity for further Coaching and Material Review

Can't make the sessions? No problem!

All writers receive a video replay of every session, so that you never have to worry about falling behind schedule.

You will also receive:

2 Group Office Hours

Two additional meeting times on top of the six classes to get any follow up questions answered on your personal project (plus the video replay of these meetings!)

Free Video Interviews with Publishing Experts

Watch 18 interviews with bestselling authors, Big 5 editors, ghostwriters, and PR consultants

Access to our Publishing Industry Network

Including connections to book collaborators, publicists, designers, and more!

Reserve your spot in the Summer Curriculum today!


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2 payments of

$591 $541

($100 off the full program!)

The total investment for this program is $1,082 USD, payable by debit or credit card. Your 50% deposit of $541 guarantees your enrollment in the program. You will be automatically the 50% remainder prior to Class #4.

Your enrollment includes:

  • 6 group class sessions led by Lucinda Literary's President, Lucinda Halpern
  • 2 additional group office hour sessions with Lucinda, allowing for follow up Q&A
  • Video replays of all classes and office hour sessions
  • 18 exclusive video interviews with publishing insiders
  • Access to our publishing industry network, from ghostwriters to publicists and more
  • A clear guide forward on the best publishing path for you and your book

Alternative payment plans can be inquired for with our team via support@lucindaliterary.com. Pricing is subject to increase for this program.


"Having already written a book, I was trying to understand the ins and outs of the publishing world and get some guidance with regards to my next steps. Lucinda gave me all the clarity I needed. She answered any questions I could dream up, grounded me, inspired me, and set me straight on my road to getting signed."

—Troy Hadeed, Author of My Name is Love

"As an emerging writer who is still in the early phases of my career, I recommend Lucinda Literary's [program] to help take the mystery out of getting an agent's attention and maximizing your chances for success.

—Kristy Jackson, Author of Mortified

"Lucinda's prowess? She is able to guide a creative person's mind—which fires in a million divergent directions—towards a single, poignant, powerful idea... and then helps refine the idea to ensure it resonates with readers. Masterful!"

—Serena Quaglia, Nonfiction Author

"I left confident and very clear about what I need to do to give my manuscript the best chance with an agent."

—Rowan Mangan, Fiction Author

"The clear guidance to find my writing community led me to Lucinda and this group... It's a vulnerability I've never known and I WANT MORE. From the first session, it's been so easy to share things that I've only shared with those closest to me. I believe it's the freedom that's necessary in the transformation of my little story into a big idea. [Lucinda had] ignited breakthrough after breakthrough and I have nothing but gratitude."

—Colleen Ryan-Hensley, Nonfiction Author

"Lucinda Halpern is a true inspiration. She knows so much about the publishing industry. In addition, she is very kind to writers with all our questions and concerns and does her best to address both. Lucinda is a delightful person and a powerful resource!"

—Michie Shaw, Fiction Author


Meet Lucinda Halpern

Lucinda Literary

Lucinda is a literary agent with over 15 years’ experience in both the publicity and agency sides of publishing. Before founding Manhattan-based agency Lucinda Literary, she worked in the Publicity division of HarperCollins, where she assisted on the media campaign for Freakonomics among other New York Times bestsellers. She later took a management role in Sales and Marketing at Scholastic, before becoming a marketing consultant for Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project) and others, and then launching her career as an agent.

Lucinda has worked with such publishers as HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, and Hachette, and currently represents authors writing in the categories of business, health, lifestyle, popular science, narrative nonfiction, memoir, and upmarket fiction.

Today, Lucinda enjoys teaching writers of all stages to improve their query packages and find their big idea. She is the author of Get Signed: Find An Agent, Land a Book Deal, and Become a Published Author, published with Hay House.


Does this program take place in-person or online? Is it a live training or pre-recorded?

The program takes place live over virtual Zoom meeting links. Over the course of 6 virtual live classes, plus an additional two virtual office hours sessions, you'll meet with Lucinda and other attending writers to review the class lesson for each session as well as have a discussion portion to work collaboratively on your questions and materials.

What if I can't attend a class?

We understand that you have to miss a class or two! Video replays will be available to you following each session, and you will be able to submit any questions you'd like to get addressed during the session in advance! Plus, we'll help you keep on track by providing weekly assignments and resources from every session. You will have all the tools you need in hand, even if you can't attend a class live. If you begin the program and are no longer able to attend the sessions, we will work with you—don't worry!

How long does it take to complete the full program?

There are 6 classes per program unit, totaling 75 minutes each session. These classes take place weekly over the course of 6 weeks.

When does the program take place?

Please see our Class Schedule to view the latest program dates for the next unit.

I can't make the class time. Are there other options for me?

We are considering creating an evening cohort for those who cannot attend daytime sessions. Just drop us a line if this situation applies to you: support@lucindaliterary.com.

Are there other options for me?

Yes! We plan to host this program again this fall. If you'd like to enroll for the Fall 2024 Program, please send a message to support@lucindaliterary.com.

What payment plans are available? Is the program refundable?

During our current early enrollment period, this program costs $1,182 USD. We offer the following payment plan, which includes a special limited-time discount:

2 payments of $541 USD—totaling $1,082 USD ($100 off the full program pricing!). Your initial 50% deposit of $541 USD guarantees your enrollment in the program. You will be automatically billed the 50% remainder midway through the program (just prior to Class #4's date). Once each payment is made, the completed deposit is non-refundable.

For questions regarding payment plans or refunds, please contact our team at support@lucindaliterary.com.

Have more questions? Contact our team at support@lucindaliterary.com


The 6-Week Book Accelerator™  is an educational program hosted by The Lucinda Literary Academy.

The Lucinda Literary Academy provides exclusive educational services that are part of Lucinda Literary's Educational Division. These services are designed to provide writers of any genre industry insights, best practices, and expert guidance to help strengthen their book projects. Participating in our programs does not guarantee an offer of representation or a later publishing deal, as our educational division is separate from our agency.

If you are looking to query Lucinda Literary's agents with your book, please submit your query through the Lucinda Literary website.