Private Consultations

Many new writers make a critical mistake, investing months of time and often thousands of dollars on book proposals or book coaches, before they’ve had critical feedback from an agent that can entirely shift the direction of your pitch, your career, and your chances of your book’s success.

That’s why Lucinda Literary offers live individual coaching sessions with our team of expert literary agents. Ideal for writers of all genres, at any stage of the process.

Book a Session with an Agent

Early feedback from an agent is vital.

Our virtual consultations are offered by select agents of our team and held at any time convenient to your schedule. By meeting one-to-one with an expert on our team, our agents are able to:

  • Assess your book idea
  • Diagnose your book pitch
  • Listen to your personal goals
  • Address your questions and challenges
  • Give you game-changing big picture feedback
  • Tell you what you need to capture an agent’s attention
  • Share proven platform-building and book launch strategies
  • Lend guidance on beginning (or re-launching) your career as an author
  • Offer you connections to our network, if applicable
  • Review and edit a personalized query letter or create a customized marketing plan for your goals (at an additional cost)

Agents Available for Consultations

These sessions are ideal for aspiring authors of all genres, at any stage in the process. View each agent’s specialized expertise and book an appointment with an available agent below.

Lucinda Halpern

Founder and President, Lucinda Literary

Lucinda is the President & Founder of Lucinda Literary and author of the book Get Signed (Hay House; 2024). She coaches aspiring authors of all kinds based on decades of book publishing and marketing experience. Her passion is helping writers to find their most captivating idea and the right pitch to present it. Whether you are looking for ways to build your platform, launch a business or a new career as an author, or create a bestseller, Lucinda can guide you to reach the widest audience possible.

She can coach aspiring authors writing in the business, thought leadership, health & lifestyle, self-help, popular science, narrative nonfiction, memoir, upmarket fiction, or literary fiction categories. She specializes in giving guidance to writers on how to find their biggest ideas, create a winning pitch, and build a platform.

Kelly Bergh

Literary Agent, Lucinda Literary

Kelly is a literary agent at our agency and works exclusively in the nonfiction space. Her ideal clients are PhDs and journalists writing for a general audience and thought leaders and influencers looking to share their content in book form.

She is passionate about helping aspiring authors organize their thoughts and research (however chaotic they may be) into content they’re proud of by coaching them through the proposal-writing process. As a former editor, she is also able to provide insider knowledge about the editorial process.

Kelly can advise authors writing in the popular science, mind/body/spirit, leadership, creativity, and lifestyle categories.

A note about our consultations

Our private consultations are intended to be one-off sessions to help you understand the marketplace, get feedback on your idea or pitch, and receive expert strategies for building recognition. Please note that review of a full book proposal or manuscript is not included in this service.

If you are interested in regular coaching with Lucinda Literary, which includes material review, we have packages available. Reach out to us here for more information about our packages and payment plans.

Testimonials for Our Private Consultations

“[I greatly appreciated the personalized feedback I received on my own piece. Connor and Lucinda were excellent at facilitating and answering [my] many questions. As an emerging writer who is still in the early phases of my career, I recommend Lucinda Literary’s workshops and one-on-one meetings to help take the mystery out of getting an agent’s attention and maximizing your chances for success. I look forward to participating with more opportunities in the future.“
Kristy Jackson, Fiction Writer


“Lucinda has been a valuable resource for me as a debut author in getting educated about the entire book writing process. Her workshops provide access to a like-minded community that gave input and drove the early direction of my work.  Lucinda’s advice has been meaningful in getting my first book to a better, more marketable place.” 
Shibani Joshi, Business & Technology Journalist

“Lucinda is an aspiring author’s secret weapon. By August, I was thrilled to be offered representation… and by December, I had a book deal!”
Sara McElroy, Author of Women Who Walk


“Having already written a book, I was trying to understand the ins and outs of the publishing world and get some guidance with regards to my next steps. Lucinda gave me all the clarity I needed. She answered any questions I could dream up, grounded me, inspired me, and set me straight on my road to getting signed.”

Troy Hadeed, Author of My Name is Love


“The clear guidance to find my writing community led me to Lucinda and this group… It’s a vulnerability I’ve never known and I WANT MORE. From the first session, it’s been so easy to share things that I’ve only shared with those closest to me. I believe it’s the freedom that’s necessary in the transformation of my little story into a big idea. You’ve ignited breakthrough after breakthrough and I have nothing but gratitude.”
Colleen Ryan-Hensley, Nonfiction Writer

“Lucinda’s contacts are like a list from heaven in terms of who she knows in the publishing world.”
Manisha Thakor, Founder of and Author of MoneyZen


“Lucinda’s prowess? She is able to guide a creative person’s mind—which fires in a million divergent directions—towards a single, poignant, powerful idea… and then helps refine the idea to ensure it resonates with readers. Masterful!”
Serena Quaglia, Nonfiction Writer