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Hone Your Book Concept

A Two-Day Interactive Workshop with New York Literary Agent Lucinda Halpern and Los Angeles Book Consultant Kim O'Hara


Saturday, May 18th at 10-1PM PST and Sunday, May 19th at 1-5 PM PST

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Imagine receiving priceless inside information from an expert literary agent with over 15 years of experience securing six-figure book deals for first-time authors with Big Five publishers, and then having the opportunity to fine tune your pitch and material with a book coach who has helped countless authors climb the bestseller charts...

In this exclusive Weekend Workshop (held 10-1PM PST Saturday, May 18th, and 1-5 PM PST Sunday, May 19th) you will work exclusively with Lucinda (Saturday) and Kim (Sunday) to develop your pitch, book proposal and proof of concept. Whether you are in the process of writing, have a full manuscript completed, or just a partial book proposal, this workshop will save you valuable time and money to receive the vital early feedback that industry insiders have never revealed in this format until now.

Plan for Day 1

May 18th at 10am - 1pm PST

Lucinda will share her exclusive presentation from her newly released book, Get Signed.

Individual evaluations will be conducted of each writer’s book proposal, synopsis, or chapter outline.

Plan for Day 2

May 19th at 1pm - 5pm PST

Kim will work with each writer on the suggested changes by Lucinda for their book pitch, including Proof of Concept, Overview and Chapter Samples.

Attendants will be provided a writing prompt to expand and hone writer’s voice.

Here's what participants have said about the class:

“It put a fire under me and provided me the confidence to keep with my book mission. Lucinda’s insider knowledge was valuable and hearing about who both Kim and Lucinda have worked with as authors.” Alicia Garibaldi, MomShine

“Kim and Lucinda are a dynamic duo in a seminar that mixes business with creativity. Most authors only think about commercial elements of their books after they finish writing. Kim and Lucinda make a convincing case for the exact opposite - by analyzing your story/proposal in the early stages and giving the author room to make critical adjustments that will help the commercial viability of their books. They are full of insider tips and inspiration. This is the seminar you need now - it will guide you through your writing process and increase the chance of selling your novel.” Meta Valentic, fiction writer

“I am a beginner writer who knew nothing coming in and now I feel like I am leaving with incredible insights as to what to do next with my book.” Maureen Spielman

Applications are being accepted now until May 8th

If you’re accepted into the class, Lucinda and Kim will review your book's overview, target audience, and comparative titles. (Give it your best try! These are not expected to be perfect.) A chapter outline is welcome if you have it.

Writers will benefit from individual attention and feedback on their work in addition to participating in workshop with a small yet interactive group. Spaces are limited to maximize time and value.

Please click the button below for pricing details and to receive your application.

Meet The Hosts

About Kim O'Hara

Author and Book Coach Kim O’Hara has guided over 40+ thought-leader and CEO clients through the daunting journey of book writing and publishing. Her clients’ books have been featured as the Today Show Motivational Book of the Month, on The Kelly Clarkson Show, #3 Wall Street Journal Business books and #1 in Barnes and Noble non-fiction. They use their books to create top-level speaking careers, headlining conferences worldwide. She is the author of the self-help book No Longer Denying Sexual Abuse: Making The Choices That Can Change Your Life, and she hosts a bi-monthly free teaching series on line No Longer Abused. She has contributed to the LA Times as well as prestigious literary journals as an essayist. She has a podcast You Should Write A Book About That and writes a weekly Substack column called I Give You Permission. She can be found a kimohara.com, kimoharabooks.com and @Kimoharacoach.

About Lucinda Halpern

Lucinda Halpern is a literary agent with over 15 years experience in book publishing, and the founder of Lucinda Literary, based in New York. Prior to founding her agency, she worked in the Publicity division of HarperCollins, where she assisted on the media campaign for Freakonomics among other New York Times bestsellers. She later worked as a marketing consultant for Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project), before launching her career as an agent. She has worked with all major publishers, including Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, Hachette, and Scholastic, and currently represents New York Times and internationally best-selling authors in the categories of business, personal growth, popular science, narrative nonfiction, memoir, and upmarket fiction. Her classes and coaching programs have been taught to hundreds of writers worldwide, and became the inspiration for Get Signed: Find an Agent, Land a Book Deal, and Become a Published Author (Hay House; Penguin Random House; February 6th, 2024). Learn more at getsignedbook.com and lucindaliterary.com and follow Lucinda Halpern on Instagram and Twitter.


Can I join the class if I have already written a manuscript?

Of course! We appreciate you joining if you are that much closer to the market. Truly, books will be revised beyond the process of signing an agent, so we are most focused on the pitch and proposal.

If I don’t have a proposal, can you guide me how to create one?

We can provide you a general outline of what goes into a professional proposal on request. We are not able, though, to consult on its contents before the class.

Can I write fiction for the class? Meaning, I don’t have a proposal, but a synopsis?

We love fiction writers and are very creative. We still will work with you on the characters’ motivation and the hook.

DISCLAIMER: The class, once committed, is non-refundable, and inclusion does not guarantee representation by agent or coach.