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Research is clear: The hardest part of getting a publishing deal is convincing an agent to represent you.
We’re offering a three-step formula to dramatically increase your odds of signing with an agent and getting a book deal.

Step 1

You’ll meet with an actual literary agent in our firm via Zoom to go over your current pitch. Our agent will tell you exactly what’s missing and what needs to improve to maximize your odds of success.

($897 value)

Step 2

You’ll get lifetime access to 5 of our select Writers' Essentials online trainings, which you can use to improve your pitch or other book material in the areas identified by the literary agent you meet with.

($841 value)

Step 3

We’ll give you a private submissions form that will ensure your revised pitch is seen by our agents and reviewed more quickly.


We’re offering this $1,738 package for only $447. Seriously!

What’s the catch? Spots are VERY limited.

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Want to meet with Lucinda Halpern during your consultation?

Upgrade your Writers Bundle to our Special Tier to guarantee that you'll meet with Lucinda Halpern, President of Lucinda Literary and Author of Get Signed.

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"Lucinda is an aspiring author's secret weapon. By August, I was thrilled to be offered representation... and by December, I had a book deal!"

Sara McElroy - Author of Women Who Walk

"Having already written a book, I was trying to understand the ins and outs of the publishing world and get some guidance with regards to my next steps. Lucinda gave me all the clarity I needed. She answered any questions I could dream up, grounded me, inspired me, and set me straight on my road to getting signed."

Troy Hadeed - Author of My Name is Love

"Lucinda's teachings on how to write an effective query letter got me a publishing contract within two weeks of sending out my proposal! Lucinda has a lot of energy and her passion to help you succeed is extraordrinary!"

Lee H. Rosen - Author of The Five

"Lucinda combines a positive attitude with constructive criticism to give authors inspiration and specific guidance. Her experience and advice is relevant for both new authors and those already published. I have renewed hope.

Heather Buchanan - Memoirist


Who is this Bundle for—fiction or nonfiction authors? Do I have to have a completed manuscript or book proposal to participate?

Our Bundle is for writers of all genres! Fiction or nonfiction, this program is designed to assist writers of any type, no matter what stage of the publishing process you're in.

Do I have to begin the program as soon as I purchase the Bundle?

Not at all! Your purchase today simply guarantees that you'll receive all elements of this package, including the agent consultation, online trainings, and secret query link. You can begin to take the trainings or book your consultation at any time that you wish, as you have lifetime access to this program.

How do I know I'm ready to meet with an agent in the consultation offered through the Bundle?

You're welcome to book the agent consultation at any time you feel ready to do so. Our consultations are educational strategy sessions where you can discuss your challenges and goals directly with a literary agent. Material review (of a formal query letter, manuscript, book proposal, etc.) is not offered in our consultations. Thus, there is no pressure for you to come prepared with a perfect book package.

This is an open, honest discussion about your personal goals as an author—and most writers feel that they have benefitted more from getting early feedback from an agent before they had completed material or felt sure about their publishing path. No matter what genre your write in or where you are in the process, you can meet with an agent at any time using the booking link shared upon ordering the Bundle.

How long is the agent consultation session?

The agent consultation lasts for 30-45 minutes. When you receive the booking link, you can select from the available times and dates that works best for your schedule to meet with our agents.

What courses come with the 5 Writers' Essentials online trainings?

Our Writers' Essentials online trainings include the following courses from the Lucinda Literary Academy:

  • What Agents Want: Masterclass for Writers
  • Letter Better (Our Query Letter Course)
  • Marketing and Publicity Mini-Course
  • Contracts 101 Masterclass
  • Get Signed (Our most comprehensive online course, which launched Lucinda Halpern's debut book Get Signed)

You'll also get a bonus FREE course, "The Essential Elements to Getting Published," upon purchase of the Bundle via Lucinda Literary's Community Hub.

When and where can I get the link to the private submissions form?

The link to our secret query portal will be shared after you meet with an agent in your consultation. We aim to discuss your publishing challenges and goals with your first in order to help you improve your book pitch before sharing it with our agency or other agencies.

I'm having issues with the checkout link. What can I do?

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